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Representing the Irish whiskey category is Emerald Isle – a proud staple in our growing portfolio. This is our expression of pure Irish heritage and symbolism – imagine if you will, the rolling hills and graceful pastures of Ireland’s beautiful landscapes.

We believe Irish whiskey can stand alongside its Scottish cousins in terms of prestige and quality. With Emerald Isle, we guarantee a dram of equal measure to the likes of Scotland’s greatest single malts. This Irish whiskey is very versatile and will pair effortlessly with mixers as well as provide a foundation to more intricate cocktails.


Product Specifications

Age        3 Years

Bottle     70 cl

ABV       40%


Tasting Notes

Light, sweet barley grist, grapefruit, melon, floral honey, yoghurt and oats on the nose. Smooth mouthfeel, creamy vanilla leads to bright citrus fruits followed by sweet oak spice on the palate and finishing with Oily sweetness with a touch of comforting oak.

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