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Cask Whisky Brokers
We have strong links with the major whisky producers and have our own considerable stock of cask whisky.
This means we can offer the full range of Scotch whisky including single malt, single grain and blended products. We also offer a selected range of other spirits, including Irish whiskey.
Our customers include distilleries and leading independent whisky bottlers in the UK and overseas.
We provide a wide-ranging transportation service, including moving casks from our distillery warehouse to bottling halls and carrying out disgorge operations into plastic drums, IBCs and ISO tanks for shipping overseas. We also arrange the shipping of bottled/cased whisky.
We are able to provide such a comprehensive service because we are a UK WOWGR registered company and an HMRC Duty Representative. We also have our own UK Bond Movement Guarantee, which allows us to transport duty suspended goods.

Aceo Ltd was founded in 1999. Today, we are well-established cask whisky brokers and suppliers of related distillery services to the Scotch whisky industry.


Our full bottling and labelling service is valued by many of our customers. Our experience allows us to offer advice and support to whisky bottlers and work closely with our customers on branding and the production of bespoke whisky products.


Bottling & Labelling


The SWA is the trade association for the Scotch whisky industry. It promotes, protects and represents the interests of the whisky industry in Scotland and around the world and encourages responsible attitudes to alcohol consumption.

To find out more about the Association and its aims, visit

We also support Drinkaware, the UK-based campaign that promotes responsible drinking.

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