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Distillery Services


Our distillery services are centred at Coleburn Distillery on Speyside. Please find a comprehensive range of distillery services below.


Cask Storage / Warehousing


We offer a full cask storage and warehousing facility at our UK bonded dunnage warehouse at Coleburn Distillery on Speyside.

When you purchase whisky from us and choose to leave it in bond with us, we issue a Certificate of Title.

We provide half yearly warehouse account statements which include the cost of warehouse rent and any additional distillery services such as sampling and regauging that may have been requested.

If you choose to take possession of your whisky, we issue a Delivery Order.




Monitoring the maturation process is an important part of caring for your whisky. We draw samples from casks on request to enable you to monitor your whisky and assess it in terms of colour, strength, taste and more.

We also draw samples from casks prior to purchase. You can find more information on this in Cask Whisky Sales.

Submit a Sample Request


If you would like to submit a sample request for a cask you own, or if you would like to request a sample of a cask you are interested in purchasing, please contact us.




In order to help you monitor and care for your cask whisky whilst it is maturing in bond, we strength test whisky and regauge (re-measure) on request.

We also regauge casks prior to them being bottled.

Submit a Regauge Request


If you would like to submit a regauge request, please contact us.




Re-racking or wood management is gaining an increasing following amongst whisky connoisseurs because of the interesting finishes it can give a whisky. It involves disgorging the contents of one type of cask into another to enhance or add value. For example, you might choose to disgorge your cask from a standard hogshead into a first-fill ex-sherry cask for the final stages of its maturation.

We can help you to manage your wood policy during the maturation process. We can provide various casks including sherry and wine casks and port pipes as you require.

Submit a Re-Racking Request


If you would like to submit a re-racking request, please contact us.

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