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Transportation & Logistics

We work with a network of leading logistics companies and are able to offer a competitively priced transport service. The companies we work with specialise in the transportation of spirit so you can be sure that your product is moved with the care it needs.

Cask removals


We can arrange the removal and transportation of your casks from distilleries and warehouses to bottling halls. We are able to do this because we hold our own Bond Movement Guarantee which enables us to transport cask whisky under bond to the bottlers.

We also arrange disgorge operations, putting whisky into drums, IBCs and ISO tanks for shipping overseas.

Cased/bottled goods transportation


Once your cask whisky has been bottled we can arrange for palletised bottled/cased goods to be delivered worldwide. We are also able to advise on all duty requirements and, where necessary, assist with export regulations.

Further information

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